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Clone, photocopy, migrate, move, restore, backup any WP site you own. Protect your valuable wp site against injection, malware, server issues   by “duplicating” it with us.


You get your entire wordpress website working as usual in a new or same domain, with all files, widgets, settings, options, data, plugins, themes active and alive. Also images, posts, comments, pages and content.  You will have it easily in the next hours.

Now for our customers a great offer: backup cost 3$ (3€) /monthly  we get a Standard Duplication or your site twice every month  in our servers. We restore it by request.

Any Questions?: Contact Us.


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Our warranty is valid for a perfect and working alive destination by duplicating your old site into your new one.  We do not provide support for technical issues, we provide your duplication as a final product instead.

If you’re moving Site,

Order your Migration Now

  • Full-service clone and migration of your website
  • Linux, Windows OS; All Worpress Sites
  • Restore include plugins, settings, database at the new host
  • Setup Settings and user accounts at new host
  • We run a burning test cycle prior to go – live
  • Set DNS to new server (Optional)
Duplicator Plan Standar Site Extended Profile
Websites Number 1 Single website Multiple website/server
File Size Up to 500MB More than 500MB
Site number Up to 1 Worpress Site Multiple sites
Database/Volume 1 DB up to 100MB More than 100MB
Submission Form 1 Form 1 or Multiple Forms
Configs Setup All data & files All data & files
Timing Few Hours Few Hours
Price (Online order) From 29$(22€) From $69$(52€)


*Terms of Service and site migration specifications:

  • Your information will be used only for your duplication and service, not transferred to anyone.
  • You will provide Temporary Admin accounts for our technical staff.
  • Additional fees may apply for site migrations which exceed specifications as defined herein.
  • You will communicate with us within 2 weeks after migration for Quality and Warranty checkout.
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